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Art of Natural Light Landscape Photography

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November 8, 10, 11, 12 & 16

Join Leanne Hansen in her Natural Light weekend intensive Workshop!

with Leanne Hansen

In this landscape photography workshop, we will focus on seeing the properties of light even before we frame our photographs. Indeed, the light we see will ultimately help dictate the photograph we choose to frame.

Fall is one of the best times of year to photograph the natural light on the San Francisco Bay area landscape. Early winter storms mean dramatic sunrises and sunsets, and as winter approaches the sun’s angle is lower in the sky, creating long shadows and soft highlights that are essential for eye-catching images.

Put your technical knowledge to work in this field-intensive workshop for photographers who wish to work outdoors in our stunning natural landscape to create artistic, expressive images. In the first meeting, we will discuss ways to see beyond our subjects and to compose our photographs around the qualities of light available to us. With this knowledge, we will focus on seeing the properties of light at locations around the Bay Area selected for the variety of interesting and challenging natural light conditions they present.

Art of Natural Light Landscape Photography with Leanne Hansen at The Image Flow in Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Leanne Hansen

Photographers often think in terms of a subject to photograph: a building, a close-up, a mountain, or a person. Yet we cannot move beyond basic documentation without fully understanding the qualities of light that surround our subject. Light is one of the creative tools that photographers use to make the most of our photographs. The way a photographer exposes for that available light makes all the difference. In essence, light becomes the main subject of truly exceptional photography.

Concepts and skills we’ll explore and practice include:

  • The dynamic characters of light.
  • How to manage the technical features of your camera to capture the light you love: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture; RAW vs. JPEG; working with the histogram, multiple exposures, and dynamic range; preparing for shooting outdoors and in low light.
  • Framing and POV; prospecting for personal and compelling shots; using screens and reflections; using different lenses; and learning from the pros.

Class Schedule:

Wednesday, November 8, 7–8PM:  In Class “Language of Light” Introduction

Friday, November 10, 4PM: Photo Shoot at Muir Beach.

Saturday, November 11, 5:45AM: Sunrise Photo Shoot at China Camp State Park.

Sunday, November 12, 4PM: Photo Shoot at Rodeo Beach

Thursday, November 16, 7–9PM:  In Class Critique and Discussion