Thank you for participating in the 2018 Mill Valley Click Off!


To Submit your Entry online please follow these steps

  1. Choose one image to submit. Exactly one submission is allowed per contestant. Additional submissions will be ignored.
  2. Submit files in the original resolution and the original size
  3. Save your photo as a DNGTIF, JPEG, or PSD. We prefer DNG.
  4. Rename your file with the following information: Assigned Category, Last Name, First Name, and Youth (Y) if applicable.
    • ie: ThingsThatShouldntBe-Arbus-Diane.dng
    • ie: BlackandWhite-Adams-Ansel-Y.tif
  5. Submit your image to using WeTransfer (Read the WeTransfer Terms & Conditions and click the I agree button).
  6. Click the + Add files button and select your one image for submission.
  7. Click the + Your email button to add your email return address. Including your email address will enable upload confirmation notifications to be delivered to you.
  8. Keep the WeTransfer browser window open until the upload has completed.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.


For image submission questions contact The Image Flow staff at 415-388-3569 or by email.


For all other questions, category info, and complete rules please visit the City of Mill Valley.

Deadline for Submission

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

11:59 PM

Complete Rules and Online Registration

City of Mill Valley