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Umbria: An Evening with Edmund Zimmerman, Stuart Schwartz & Jeff Zaruba

Edmund Zimmerman of the La Romita School of Art will join Jeff Zaruba and Stuart Schwartz to talk about the history of Umbria and Central Italy, the impact of the Slow Food movement, and the incredible opportunity for photographic exploration in Umbria, Italy.

Thursday, March 16, 2017, from 7–8PM

Edmund Zimmerman, director of the La Romita School of Art in Umbria, Italy, is a freelance writer and poet with a background in the performing arts. Fluent in Italian, Edmund has traveled extensively throughout Central Italy and is well versed in Italian cultural and political history. He joins Jeff Zaruba and Stuart Schwartz to talk about the history of La Romita, an exquisitely renovated 16th-century Capuchin monastery surrounded by olive groves in the foothills of the Apennine mountains, and the base for our July photography workshop in Umbria.

La Romita regularly hosts painting and drawing workshops, but they also host workshops for writers and photographers. The school was founded by artist president Enza Quargnali in 1966 to realize her dream of using this historic convent, a family property since the late 1800s, to encourage cross-cultural exchange through the arts, focusing specifically in Umbria, a region rich in medieval and early Renaissance artistic heritage.

You will also learn about Alberto Montebello, former president of Slow Food Umbria, the history of the movement, and the impact it has had on small farms, artisan producers, and local chefs—all of which we’ll be visiting during our workshop.

Join us for this special evening of storytelling and photography. And if you are considering joining us in Umbria in July, this is an introduction you won’t want to miss.


Lecture is free and open to the general public. Contact us if you have any questions at 415-388-3569.