Deborah Hamon: Photographs & Paintings at Gallery 291

June 2013

Exhibition June 15 at Gallery 291 at The Image Flow in Mill Valley, CA

“North” & “Girls: Fact and Fiction”

About the Work:

My work explores the construction of the identity of girls. I explore these ideas in both painting and photography. The paintings exist as completed works, but in my series Girls: Fact and Fiction, they also provide the figures that populate my constructed photographs. I use Photoshop to combine background scenes with these figures to create a believable yet curious new reality. I am interested in this interplay between reality and fiction. I want the viewer to stop and question their initial assumptions about what they are seeing.

In my new series North, I am using the diverse, surreal, and stark landscape of Iceland as the stage for my continued exploration of the construction of the identity of girls. In late May 2010, I drove around Iceland photographing the landscape. I am drawn to isolated settings and elements that may feel slightly awkward or quirky. Separately, I photograph girls at an age where these same adjectives could describe their journey from childhood to young womanhood. My work combines the images to explore ideas about identity development, or in the absence of an actual girl, I use the landscape as a metaphor for these ideas.

– Deborah Hamon



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