Mallory Morrison: Fog at Gallery 291

June – August 2014

Exhibition Closing Party with Mallory Morrison: August 16, 7–9PM


Fog show artist’s Statement:

In the series FOG, there are moments of fighting, desperation, release, calmness, and resolve. There is a feeling of being lost in the fog and trying to make your way through. Whether you are calling in fate, making your own path, or finding yourself, we go through a process of creating our own happiness.

During an unusually foggy week in Los Angeles, I found myself having a very visceral reaction to the weather and missing my native San Francisco. I took that feeling of homesickness and the visual idea of fog and put it in the water. What came out the other end was a mirror into my sub-conscience. The finished images told a deeper story than I had set out to tell. The water gave my initial thoughts on life and it felt like they grew into something more developed than I had planned. When I put my subjects into the water environment, it breads very instinctive movements and raw emotions. Through those moments captured I found a story of my own journey.



Photographer Mallory Morrison  About the Artist

Los Angeles-based photographer Mallory Morrison has been honing her skills in underwater photography for the past several years and continues to experiment with new processes and concepts. Originally a dance photographer, Morrison blended her photography skills with her 25 years of dance experience to bring about the perfect marriage of her two passions. Morrison’s evolution into underwater photography allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her use of dancers in an underwater environment allows Morrison to challenge the boundaries of people photography and utilize weightlessness to tell stories that explore the depths of movement and composition.



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