Photo © Barbara Hazen

Barbara Hazen: Time Piece

Summer 2012


Photography is a tool for me to tell a story. My ambition is to show viewers that beauty can be found in many unlikely places. I am looking for character in someone’s face, a unique location, or an unusual item left for flea markets. I am drawn to the many things in life that are often overlooked or ignored. With the found objects I photograph, my goal is to encourage viewers to be curious and to observe the bit of mystery in all things, to bring light and life to that which we don’t understand. The ‘TIME PIECE’ series is an example of that ambition.  Having collected old watch parts for a number of years, I began to explore their unique beauty in still life images. Breaking out of the assumption that this was all these items had to offer in terms of photography, I began to play with various methods and effects of motion, light, and water. This freedom to literally, ‘play’ with these discarded watch parts gave them new meaning and intriguing beauty that one would not normally associate with these inanimate objects.

Barbara Hazen, 2012


Note:  Although all the ‘TIME PIECE’ images were edited using digital software, each image was captured by the camera and not created in Photoshop or the like.


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