Informal Evening with Daniel Coburn

dan colburn cyanotype photograph

Monday, June 9 at 7PM, Free Admission

Daniel Coburn, an alternative process photography instructor at The University of Kansas, will give a compelling presentation at The Image Flow MondayJune 9. During his casual hour-long conversation, he will discuss the body of work on display at The Image Flow. The 10 pieces are a portion of his very personal story, Waiting For Rapture.

Quiet suffering occurs within a family unit living under the auspices of the ideal American Dream. A complicated relationship with loved ones and an immersive cult-like experience with an evangelical Christian church contributed to my loss of spiritual and domestic faith. I use my art to explore concepts related to this loss and the psychological trauma that takes place within the confines of domestic dystopia.

Coburn will talk about the experience behind this body of work, as well as his unique photographic process. He uses the 19th century cyanotype process and enhances the cyanotype with a variety of toning techniques. 

We are pleased that Coburn will teach a workshop on cyanotypes and toning August 15 – 17. By carefully utilizing the modern cyanotype process and fine-tuning a set of digital negatives, workshop participants will learn to make pristine cyanotype prints. This process is as versatile and economical as it is beautiful. Click here for more information.

Admission is free at this one-time event with the artist Daniel Coburn. We recommend bringing friends and colleagues!

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