Fall Photo Exhibitions

Looking to get inspired this fall?  Here are a few photography exhibitions to check out.

Tamas Dezso Here, Anywhere  (image above) at Robert Koch Gallery from September 8, 2011 through October 29, 2011.  A series by Hungarian photographer that focus on images captured duringthe post-communist transition of Hungary.

Christian Marclay Cyanotypes at Fraenkel Gallery through October 29, 2011.  A series of prints created by laying down dismantled musical cassette tapes onto paper treated with cyanotype chemicals.

Sharon Lockhart Lunch Break (2008) at SFMOMA from October 15, 2011 through January 16, 2012.  Series documents workers during time off from production at a shipbuilding plant in Maine.  Exhibition provides a look at everyday situations and sheds light on the decline of the American industrial working class.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard Dolls and Masks at the DeYoung Museum from October 8, 2011 through February 26, 2012.  A series of photographs by a lesser-known artist that are rich in literary illusion.