Hendrik Paul’s Light From Within Opening this Saturday, March 23rd

Trainride to Krakow

Join us Saturday, March 23 for Mill Valley Photographer Hendrik Paul’s Light from within art opening.  The exhibit includes stunning images of  the up and coming fine art photographer, from his travels through Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Poland, India and his home state, California.

Hendrik’s first solo show showcases 19 framed gelatin silver prints and 13 digital images mounted on aluminum.

Printing 19 images in the Gelatin Silver format and 13 digitally was a big change for me. In the past I have almost
exclusively printed in the Gelatin Silver format. Printing 13 digital images for this show opened me up to a new side of
printing; the large print. Although my heart remains put with the GS process, it was fun and exciting working in such
large formats.

Hendrik Paul, black and white photography

 In his own words, Hendrik describes his artistry and path:

My journey began some years ago in an ancient monastery tucked between the
mountain ridges of northern India. On a particularly dark evening, I noticed a
long staircase leading to a rooftop. Its dim glow caught me, and I felt compelled
to ascend despite its narrow, steep path. Moving closer, I saw each step as a new
period in my life. For so long I had resisted changing, climbing, yet the urge to
surmount some unknown summit drove me forward. As I crept up each step, the
voices of the past echoed, “you are not good enough,” “the journey is too hard,”
“you are not doing anything new.” But I reached the roof, and the voices faded,
and I understood. I had found a path.
My photography is deeply rooted in the conventional film format; silver gelatin
developed by hand and printed in the darkroom. The meticulous hand crafting of
each print is an integral part of my work. Sometimes I hear voices of disapproval
from my fascination with a historical process rather than evolving into digital, but
then I see an image appearing in a tray of developer under an amber light, and I
know I’m exactly where I should be.
Walking up the steps in the monastery I discovered the one true voice that I had
been waiting to hear: my own.

Saturday March 23, 7-10pm
Complimentary food and refreshments will be available.


Hendrik will be teaching a photography class here at The Image Flow this spring.  Stay tuned for details and dates!

Check out our online gallery or visit Hendrik’s website and see work from his previous show Meditative Landscapes, SFO (2012).