Upcoming 2011 Photo Contests

Photo contests have the potential of providing good cash awards as well as possible accolades, media coverage, and sales. They also offer the opportunity to get in front of jury committees that often include curators and gallery owners.  The problem is that there are lots of contests out there, which makes it difficult to decide which ones are worth the time, effort and expense of applying. Here are couple that got our attention:

The Art of Photography Show
Exhibition: August 13 – October 16, 2011
Judge: Anne Lyden
Associate Curator at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Producer: Steven Churchill
First Place Prize $2,000

International Photographer of the Year – IPA
$10,000 Cash Prize
Jury consists of gallery owners, curators, and magazine editors.

Pacific Sun Photo Contest and Photography Workshop
Also, be sure to check out the photo contest put on by our local Pacific Sun. The Image Flow and Seawood Photo are hosting a workshop to help you submit your best photo. Check out our workshop page or head over to the Pacific Sun website for more info about entering the contest.