Rims & Goggles in the Studio

Doug Freeman, Robert Malmberg, Rims & Goggles

Robert Malmberg, a photographer known for his large-format wet plate collodion portraits, rented our studio last week. His client was Rims & Goggles, who wanted to create unique portraiture to hang in their Marin store. Using his large-format camera in our studio, Robert photographed Rims & Goggles clients, like Doug Freeman of Jet Sets (pictured), wearing their products. He also used our alternative process darkroom for the messier part of the process. The plates turned out beautifully and the client was quite pleased.

We scanned his plates and are making large prints that will hang in the Marin Rims & Goggles store. They should be on the walls soon!

You can have Robert take your portrait too! We are so excited to have him coming back to The Image Flow on May 17. He will be scheduling portrait sessions from 10–3PM. Its a great opportunity to have a very cool portrait taken—and it could just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Stay tuned for more info.

Robert Malmberg Rims & Goggles

Robert in the studio


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