Creative Mindfulness Online Workshop. Photo © Lucy Goodhart
Photo © Lucy Goodhart

Creative Mindfulness

Engage and support your daily artistic process with this group creative mindfulness course.
with Lucy Goodhart

Creative Mindfulness is a master class workshop, facilitated by photographer Lucy Goodhart, who taught our Mindfulness and Photography workshop. It explores concepts such as Stillness, Intuition and Wonder as a way of accessing our creative potential.

You will be encouraged to commit to a regular practice of exploration throughout the 10-week course (6 classes total) that will bring understanding, form and structure to the elusive nature of  the creative process. Depending on the level of commitment, the exercises offer the potential to shape and deepen your creative practice.

Previously structured around photography and mindfulness, this course is now open to creatives from all disciplines (photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, etc.) and is particularly beneficial for those wanting to improve creative thinking and nurture the seed of an idea. Disciplined structure, as well as group feedback, help bring these ideas to fruition.

Each session will have a theme (Stillness, Intuition, Wonder, Life is Sweet, Return to our Senses). An assignment will be given at the end of each session and due at the following session. Files of work-in-progress can be uploaded to Dropbox for “Show and Tell” in our online classes.

Whether you’re a writer or musician looking to spark your next creative project, a painter heading in a new direction, or a photographer interested in mindful photography exercises, this Creative Mindfulness course is sure to enrich your creative practice.




Class Schedule


Saturday, January 14, 10AM–12PM: In-person meeting: Introductions, presentation on Stillness, a short solitary “sitting-time” and discussion about what is and is not working in our current creative practices. 

Saturday, January 28, 10AM–12PM: Zoom meeting: Discussion about Assignment 1 homework, share and critique works in progress and presentation on this week’s theme: Intuition

Saturday, February 11, 10AM–12PM: Zoom meeting: Discussion about Assignment 2 homework, share and critique works in progress and presentation on this week’s theme: Wonder

Saturday, February 25, 10AM–12PM: Zoom meeting: Discussion about Assignment 3 homework, share and critique works in progress and presentation on this week’s theme: Life is Sweet

Saturday, March 11, 10AM–12PM: Zoom meeting: Discussion about Assignment 4 homework, share and critique works in progress and presentation on this week’s theme: Return to our Senses

Saturday, March 25, 10AM–12PM: In-person meeting: Wrap party, discussion about Assignment 5 homework, share and critique work in final form.


Workshop presented by The Image Flow Photography Center, providing photography classes, custom printing services, and fine art reproduction.


Instructor Bio

Lucy GoodhartLucy Goodhart

Lucy Goodhart was born in London in 1975 and raised in the flatlands of East Anglia. She earned her degree in Editorial Photography from the University of Brighton in 1997 and is an award-winning photographer with the Association of Photographers in London.

Lucy’s objectives lie ever rooted in the desire to capture the unseen, the overlooked and the fundamentally forgotten.

Her work is included in the Eric & Louise Franck London Collection of photographs archiving life in London which was gifted to Tate Britain in 2012. Lucy is a contributing photographer to the UK picture library Millennium Images. She coordinates commissions in editorial and publishing alongside self-initiated fine art projects. She currently resides in San Francisco, California where she is working on a number of personal and commercial projects.


About Zoom

Zoom is video conferencing software that allows us to video chat and share our screens all using our computer’s built-in video camera and microphone. Setting up a Zoom account is easy and free. Just got to the Zoom website to create a username and download the software onto your computer (not your phone). Never used Zoom? Check out their support page for How to Join a Zoom Meeting.

January 14 – March 25, 2023

In-Person & Zoom

The Image Flow Photography Center
328 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo, CA
Located in Marin County CA, just north of San Francisco.

Who Should Take This Workshop

This workshop is open to all creatives wishing to deepen their creative practice—be you a photographer, painter, sculptor, writer, musician. All are welcome to play as we explore aspects of creativity together and share our victories and struggles.

Pertinent Details

  • 6 total classes, 2-hours each (2 in-person and 4 Zoom sessions)
  • Maximum nine (9) students
  • Meets every other week on Saturdays
  • Zoom meeting links will be sent by email
  • First and last sessions will be in-person at The Image Flow

Workshop Fee Includes

  • Group Critique of workshop images
  • Final Critique in-person

Required Materials

  • Critiques will require submission of work in a format compatible with sharing on Zoom, e.g. images (jpegs) or files
  • A computer with video camera and microphone access (like an iMac or Macbook)
  • Zoom installed on the same computer
  • Working knowledge of Zoom

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