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December 9


Encaustics Bundle
December 8 – 9

Introduction to Encaustics


Encaustics: Beyond the Basics

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Encaustics: Beyond the Basics

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December 9

We offer two great encaustics classes Introduction to Encaustics and Encaustics: Beyond the Basics

with Margot Hartford

Sign up for both Intro & Beyond the Basics with our Encaustics Bundle and receive a $25 discount!


This workshop is designed as a companion to the Introduction to Encaustics class. Students will be given a quick review of the basics of encaustic art, and then will have time to explore and practice various advanced encaustic techniques. The workshop will cover layering, adding texture, masking, inscribing, and collage. Margot will also demonstrate how the application of oil sticks and pastels can help augment the students’ encaustic art pieces.


Encaustic wax and some supplies will be supplied. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies to incorporate into their artwork.




Participants will be supplied with two, one-inch-thick 5×7 wood panels to work on and will take home at least two completed works of encaustic art. Margot will have additional panels for sale ($15) if anyone wants more to work on.

“Great class! Margot enthusiastically got us all making great little pieces of art. What a fun day… I am so inspired to do more!” —Linda R.

Instructor Bio

Margot Hartford is a Bay Area lifestyle photographer, working with families, children, and various commercial clients. While serving as a docent at SFMOMA, she discovered encaustic painting through the work of Jasper Johns. Inspired, she created a small studio in her home and experimented using wax to produce pieces of art incorporating her photography. Now she teaches various Encaustics workshops at The Image Flow, and elsewhere, and continues to use photography in her pieces. Margot has a studio at the ICB in Sausalito.


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