Gum Bichromate Workshop | How To Make A Gum Print. Gum Bichromate © Francis Baker
Gum Bichromate © Francis Baker

Gum Bichromate Workshop

In this alternative process workshop, learn how to make Gum Bichromate prints on panels and experiment with layers of colored pigments to create a textural, unique piece of art. You will also learn the techniques involved in creating a traditionally gessoed panel using rabbit-skin glue and marble dust.

Gum Bichromate is a multi-layered printing process that is traditionally printed on paper. However, in this unique workshop, you will learn how to make a gum print on prepared gesso panels rather than paper. Using these panels, a gum printer can add sanding, scratching, engraving, and wet sanding to their toolbox of analog effects to help tell the story of their artwork. If you want to delve deeper into alternative processes for printing, this is the workshop for you. Printing on heavyweight papers will also be presented.

Gum Bichromate Workshop

The gum printing process offers creative freedom and shares many of the same concerns and choices offered to the painter and watercolorist. With pigments that range from transparent to opaque, and smooth to granular, one can build up their image in an infinite number of ways. This is one of the additional advantages of such non-silver processes.

Gum Bichromate Workshop | How To Make A Gum Print. Gum Bichromate © Radka Tezaur
Gum Bichromate © Radka Tezaur

Francis will guide students from preparation to finished product in this fascinating alternative photographic printing process. Over the course of the workshop, you’ll learn the process of preparing the panel and substrate, creating digital negatives, mixing the watercolor pigment emulsion, and experiment with sanding and scratching into the emulsion. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of this traditional process of photographic printing. Francis will also discuss mindful artistic expression, encouraging students to use this technique as a jumping-off point to explore their creativity.

Gum Bichromate Workshop
Gum Bichromate © Francis Baker

Class Schedule

Day 1: General intro, and intro to darkroom, chemistry and file set up. Getting first layers onto panels and testing dripping techniques.

Day 2: Print various layers, technique demonstrations, coating panels

Day 3: Print additional layers, sand, coat, and add pigment


Instructor Bio

Francis Baker
Francis Baker

Francis Baker was awarded The Image Flow’s inaugural Artist in Residence. His project centered on the process of gum bichromate on panel, a process which he has been refining for the last 10 years. Francis has worked in alternative process photography for over 20 years. He has actively exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Francis engages with 19th-century photographic processes, alongside modern photographic output, to explore themes of identity, the home, and human nature in regards to materialism and desire. He also uses these tools to address social patterns of injustice and inequity. In addition, he is concerned with exploring the material and object quality of the photograph and photographic processes.

Who Should Take This Workshop

Pertinent Details

  • Maximum six (6) students
  • Wear clothes that can get dirty

Workshop Fee Includes

Required Materials

  • Laptop computer with Adobe Photoshop installed for making negatives

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