Macro Photography Camp. Marin. San Francisco.

Macro Photography Camp

Is your kid obsessed with taking close up photos? Maybe he or she has created fun imagery of the bubbles in a soda or the hair-like bristles on a caterpillar. Then this is the macro photography class you’ve been looking for!

Taught by The Image Flow’s Constance Chu, this four-day macro photography camp is designed for young photographers, ages 11–14, who love to take close up photographs of just about anything!

In this summer photography camp, your child will gain basic photographic knowledge while creating amazing photographs. We’ll explore everything from plants, insects, human features, and more—all from an extremely close up point of view. Inside the classroom and out, kids will practice manual camera operation to explore the macro effect while keeping a close eye on the technical qualities of an image such as contrast, saturation, and grain.

Macro Photography Camp. Marin. San Francisco. Photo © Avery Schoen
Photo © Avery Schoen

Each day in this macro photography class will consist of either a group photo walk or a staged photoshoot in the studio. These experiences will develop and hone their artistic eye—looking for the light, shadows, shapes, and more. Kids will receive fun assignments such as creating photographic subject matter with ice or manipulating light to observe the effects on their subject matter.

Post-processing is as important as shooting: Students will learn about the myriad of ways Lightroom can be used to process their images to perfection. The best part—the workshop will conclude with selecting an image created during class, which will be printed and taken home!

Don’t have a macro lens? No worries! We can provide you with information about local photography equipment rental companies or check out our Photo & Community Resources.

Macro Photography Camp. Marin. San Francisco. Photo © Siena Kimball
Photo © Siena Kimball

Class Schedule:

Each day’s class will consist of a one-hour lecture, followed by a one-hour photography activity, and concluded with a one-hour post-processing session.

Monday, June 29, 1–4 PM: Instruction on manual operation of camera, discussion of macro photography in its various forms, photo walk, and importing and making a catalog in Lightroom

Tuesday, June 30, 1–4 PM: Review of manual operation, discussion of composition, staged studio shoot, create a subject in ice for the following day, and importing and editing in Lightroom

Wednesday, July 1, 1–4 PM: Discussion of great macro photographers, photograph your ice creation, import, and edit in Lightroom

Thursday, July 2, 1–4 PM: Finish editing and submit chosen image for printing

Macro Photography Camp. Marin. San Francisco.

Workshop presented by The Image Flow Photography Center, providing photography classes, custom printing services, and studio rentals.


Instructor Bio

Constance Chu
Constance Chu

Constance Chu has a background in psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience—she began teaching college kids how to perform neurophysiology experiments at Brown University! Despite her scientific upbringing, she comes to The Flow with a rather impressive photographic pedigree. Her first digital photography course was in the fall of 2011 at the Ottawa School of Art in Canada. Not long after returning to California, she began working with Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg in San Francisco, first as an intern and then as his interim studio manager. Today, Constance focuses on teaching kids photography and shooting. Working with kids is a passion of hers and she has her own photography business that focuses on family portraiture as well as many other photographic needs including commercial, maternity, newborn, and events.

  • The Image Flow Photography Center
    401 Miller Avenue, Suite A, Mill Valley, CA
    Located in Marin County CA, just north of San Francisco.

Who Should Take This Workshop

Pertinent Details

  • Maximum eight (8) students
  • Ages 11–14
  • Guided photo walks
  • Staged photoshoots
  • Instruction on manual operation of camera
  • Introduction to Lightroom Classic for archiving and editing

Workshop Fee Includes

Required Materials

  • Digital camera with manual controls (DSLR or mirrorless)
  • A macro lens
  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed

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