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Mixed Media & Collage

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August 15 & 19

Explore “painting” with your photographs in our mixed media workshop!

with Terri Froelich

In this Mixed Media & Collage workshop with instructor Terri Froelich, we will focus on a variety of image transfer processes and the integration with other mediums (i.e. your own photographs, papers, text, paint, pencil, etc.). 

The workshop will start with a Tuesday evening Meet & Greet where Terri will discuss the workshop and answer questions from students about what materials they should bring and what to expect.

Experiment with a variety of application methods, textures, markings, along with elements and principles of design, as you create artwork using your own images.  We will also discuss how the elements and principle of design in photography can not only be a source of inspiration but can also enhance your artwork and thought process.

During the workshop, Terri will discuss where to begin with mixed media and collage, how to source images and prepare them for use, and the elements and principals of design. You’ll learn about the tools needed to transfer your images, the processes, and their applications.

mixed media workshop students

Mixed Media workshop students work with image transfers and layering in The Image Flow studio. Photo © Terri Froelich.

Students will get two 12″ x 12″ boards to work with, and the basic materials will be supplied. Additional materials for collage should be brought by the students (see possible list in sidebar).

This will be a great workshop for beginning and intermediate artists and photographers who would like to explore other ways to use their photography.