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Night Photography: San Francisco at Night

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June 4 & 8

Join Hendrik Paul for an evening in San Francisco, photographing architecture, nature and all that the city by the bay has to offer!

with Hendrik Paul

To follow up on Hendrik Paul’s successful  Night Photography Workshops, The Image Flow is pleased to offer another Night Class. Hendrik will be taking his students to San Francisco for a memorable evening photographing architecture, nature and all that the city has to offer.

In this class Hendrik will discuss shutter speeds, aperture settings, ISO and other key settings.

The class will look at the important aspects of photographing successfully at night, which are different than daytime shooting, including composition, long exposures, camera settings, tripods, and filters.

Technical considerations in this class will include shutter speed, aperture settings, ISO, and other key settings for creating successful night photography images.

Night Photography Workshop at The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Annette Kelty

Class Schedule:

Evening 1:We will meet at The Image Flow at 5:45PM, and head out to shoot!

Evening 2: We will meet at The Image Flow to critique night photography images, talk about techniques, and review gear.The group will discuss post-production and technique, all the while gaining valuable information from the class critique that you will be able to apply to your own night photography in the future.

“Hendrik goes out of his way to meet individual needs. He will always answer your questions in a thoughtful, supportive, motivating way. Whether in the classroom or in the field, Hendrik makes it a point to touch base with you, help and inspire you.”

— Liz H.