3 Rocks, Lake Superior. Photo © Kerik Kouklis3 Rocks, Lake Superior. Photo © Kerik Kouklis


Platinum Palladium- Go Big!

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March 17 – 19

Take your platinum/palladium skills up a size in this new large-format printing workshop with Kerik Kouklis.

with Kerik Kouklis

Face it: A small, hand-made print has a jewel-like quality to it, but some images benefit from a few more square inches. And, making BIG prints is fun!

This three-day large-format platinum/palladium printing workshop is intended for those who already have a working knowledge of platinum/palladium process. It will be assumed that you are familiar with coating paper and the basic chemistry and techniques.

You will learn how to adapt your existing skills to printing on a larger scale—and how to do it economically. During the workshop, students have a chance to try making prints ranging in size from 11×14 up to 16×20 using the wonderful new papers made for this process—Hahnemühle Platinum Rag and Legion Revere Platinum, among others.

large-format platinum palladium printing workshop

Northwest Fjords, Iceland. Photo © Kerik Kouklis

We will review of the QTR digital negative process and go through the calibration process in detail as a group, emphasizing those areas of the process students often have trouble with. Image and file preparation will also be covered, with tips to maximize the effectiveness of your image editing for making the best negatives.

Over the course of the workshop, we will address any technical problems or issues you may be experiencing when printing on your own. So, save those bad prints and bring them and your questions with you so we can address and solve these problems as a group.

It is recommended you bring a laptop with Photoshop installed. Understanding the basics of Photoshop—curves, levels, layers, etc.—is also a big help. The more you know coming in, the more you will take away from the workshop.

Large format platinum palladium printing process

Class Schedule:

Friday, March 17, 9AM–5PM: Print! Negatives from your files will be prepared before the workshop so we can print right away.

Saturday, March 18, 9AM–5PM: Review of the digital negative process with QTR. Bring your questions! More printing as time permits.

Sunday, March 19, 9AM–3PM: Make more negatives, print some more! The workshop will wrap up at 3PM.