Summer Photography Workshop for Teens

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June 12 – 16

A fun and informative summer photography camp designed especially for teens ages 14 – 17.

with Constance Chu

Have you noticed that your teenager has a great “eye” for making photos? If so, this is the workshop that can take him or her to the next level of photography. The first days of this summer photography workshop will focus on mastering manual operation of the camera. After that, the possibilities are endless! From panning to portraiture to still life photography, your teen will gain experience in a variety of techniques and receive assignments designed to keep those creative juices flowing. Experimentation with shooting various genres of photography will be encouraged as well as paying attention to the tonal qualities and coloration of the subject.

Each day will consist of a group photo walk around the neighborhood to help them focus on their photography goals while practicing the new skills they’ve learned. During the photo walks, they will develop and hone their visual acuity, looking for light, shadows, shapes, and more. Some fun places visited in the past include Critterland, Bayfront Park, and Diamonds in the Rough where students carried out fun assignments like making the best 20 images possible without moving their feet!

A significant portion of the workshop will be dedicated to post-processing.  Students will learn about the variety of tools in the develop module in Lightroom as well as how to best use them. At the conclusion of the workshop your teen will get to pick an image created during class to be printed and taken home!

During this five-day workshop, students will:

  • Set up a basic photographic workflow that they can continue to use long after the workshop is finished: Capture, transfer, post-process, and print
  • Operate their cameras on manual mode and come to understand how manual operation of their cameras results in greater creative control
  • Develop their photographs using Lightroom
Summer Photography for Teens with Constance Chu at The Image Flow in Mill Valley, CA

Photo © Constance Chu

Oh, and did we mention the best part? Students get to choose two images taken during the workshop that will be printed as an 11 x 17-inch print on The Image Flow’s exhibition-quality digital printers to take home!

Each day’s class will consist of an initial 1 hour lecture, followed by a one-hour photo walk, and concluded by a one-hour post-processing session.

Class Schedule:

Day 1: Instruction on manual operation of camera, photo walk, importing and making a catalogue in Lightroom

Day 2: Review of manual operation, discussion of genres of photography, photo walk—try panning—importing and editing in Lightroom

Day 3: Portraiture techniques, photo walk, importing and editing in Lightroom

Day 4:  Still life techniques, importing and editing in Lightroom

Day 5: Picasso light drawing day, finish edits, submit favorite image for printing