Studio Rental

A photography rental studio that adapts to your needs.

Our photography rental studio is ideal for shooting people, food, products, and more. It was designed as the ultimate professional photographer’s space with efficiency in mind.


The special touches of this 800-square-foot space include an 18-foot wide cove (cyclorama) with a 15-foot tall ‘lean-away’ wall that lets you easily control background light. Balconies flank two sides of the cove for overhead shots and create additional lighting options.


This versatile space can be completely blacked out, or used as a natural light studio; a wall of south-facing windows and overhead skylights offer a soft flood of light suitable for many subjects. An adjacent dressing room and makeup area make fashion shooting fast and easy.

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Studio Rental Rates

  • Full Day (8 Hours)  $550
  • Half Day (4 Hours)  $300
  • Quarter Day (2 Hours)  $175
  • Overtime (per hour)  $75


  • 800 square feet (including dressing room)
  • 18 ft wide, 15 ft high cove background, 20-foot ceiling
  • Second-story catwalk for shooting and lighting
  • Natural, south-facing window light & two skylights
  • Blackout possible
  • WiFi
  • 2 – 4 parking spaces
  • Walking distance from Whole Foods and a variety of local eateries

Optional Extras

  • Background refresh (in white)   $75
  • Tech station for tethered shooting $75
  • Use of kitchen for food shoots  $150
  • Catering available through R.S.V.P catering

Lighting Package  $150 per day

  • 1600-watt second Dynalite pack
  • 1000-watt second Dynalite pack
  • 800-watt second Dynalite pack
  • 5, Dynalite flash heads
  • 16×16 ft overhead silk
  • Softboxes (XS-XL, 1 each)
  • Various umbrellas

Grip Package  $50 per day

  • C-stands with arms
  • Additional stands with arms
  • 10-foot Bogen camera stand
  • A-clamps, super clamps
  • Foam Core, v-flats (black and white)
  • 6-foot scrim, various light discs
  • Sandbags
  • Small and large tables

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