"Great Lakes", 2020. Hand-painted watercolor over van Dyke. © Eben Ostby

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5th Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

Juried by: Niniane Kelley, Brian Taylor, Ed Carey & The Image Flow
March 15 – May 28, 2021

The Image Flow proudly presents our 5th Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition, a juried exhibition featuring 42 artists working with a wide variety of historical and analog photographic printing processes.
Bromoils, Carbon transfers, Chemigrams, Cyanotypes, Gum Bichromate, Lithographic prints, Lumens, Mordançages, Photo Intaglio and Photogravure, Platinum Palladium, Salt prints, van Dyke prints, and Wet Plate Collodions (along with many multiple-process works) are all represented in this show. Each image is often one of a kind due to the nature of working with these non-commercial processes—mixing emulsions and coating materials by hand are customary to alternative process work, and hand-embellishing prints with ink drawings, watercolor, oil pastels, embroidery, or 24K gold add additional flourishes to many of these artworks. The prints are made on a variety of unique materials including Fine Art papers, fabrics, metal plates, and wooden panels—we even have a photographic wall sculpture!
The exhibition is curated from over 200 submissions from photographers living and working throughout the United States—from Bryan Patterson in Fox Island, Washington to Sally Chapman in Lowell, Massachusetts, along with many California and San Francisco Bay Area photographers.
The 5th Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition features work by Francis Baker, Shane Balkowitsch, Diana Bloomfield, Lisa Brussell, Susan Chainey, Sally Chapman, Dana Christensen, Tom Condon, Matt Connors, Conner Cushman, Dora Duan, Laurence Elias, Frani Evedon, Steffani Frideres, Rheana Gardner, Jessica Greaux, Barbara Hazen, Kristy Headley, Victoria Hernandez, Susanne Huebel, Chris Ireland, William Johnston Jr, Marky Kauffmann, Doug Kaye, Kirk Lindgren, Xiaopeng Liu, Lloyd Matthews, Lou McCorkle, Robyn Moore, Maureen Mulhern-White, Eben Ostby, Bryan Patterson, Sarah Phenix, Michael Puff, Suzanne Roland, Anna Rotty, Anita Seltzer, Radka Tezaur, Karey Walter, Wilton Wong, Sara Yerkes, and Yelena Zhavoronkova.

"New Terrain" still life photography series
“New Terrain” still life photography series. © Ellen Sanford


Ellen Sanford: New Terrain

February 2020 – July 2021

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 7–9PM

As I explore the natural world through my camera, I find that my photography has strong parallels to my vocation as a psychotherapist. One art is aligned with the other.
As a therapist I support my clients as they navigate the vicissitudes of experience, and as a photographer I bring a similar sense of respect as I capture the astonishing variations of life and interconnectedness in the natural world.
I love looking at the familiar in new ways, and using my imagination to disrupt “normal”… and to create new terrain.
In both realms, I think that using a “third eye” has the potential for sparking joy, bearing empathic witness to adversity, and perhaps even creating a deeper appreciation for the cycle of life. — Ellen Sanford