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Current Exhibitions

The Image Flow’s photography gallery offers rotating exhibits in different photographic styles for all members of our community to enjoy. We host opening receptions and sit-down dinners several times a year that are so popular, our patrons even request the space for private parties. Looking for photography for sale? Our photography exhibitions are a great place to acquire fine-art prints for purchase.

2023 Group Exhibition

Curated by: The Image Flow

February 6 – March 24, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 18, 5:30–7:30PM

The Image Flow proudly presents our 2023 Group Exhibition, featuring photo selections from our students, clients, and photo of the month award winners.

All photographs featured in this exhibition have been prepared by and printed at The Image Flow. The exhibition is curated by our staff, and features work from photographers worldwide.

Our 2023 Group Exhibition features work by Ian Bates, Effie Benjamin, Liz Caroli, Stessie Cattrell, David Charnack, Ken Cook, Michelle Cox, John DeGroot, Bob Dell, Anne Elisco-Lemme, Jessica Greaux, Kimberley Harmon, Melissa Harris, Stephen Janachowski, Allyson Josephs, Patty LaDuke, Carol Lehrman, Suz Lipman, Margot MacArthur, Lawrie Mott, Lisa Newmark, Kinga Owczennikow, Ellen Sanford, Carol Sayers, Nicole Sirois, Richard Sloss, Candace Swimmer, Mika Street, Mike Tiret, Charles Versaggi, Anne Vetter.

Past Exhibitions