Abandoned Photography. Photo © Randy Lee Walker
Photo © Randy Lee Walker

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Randy Lee Walker: Abandoned Photography

October 1 – November 30, 2020


The Image Flow proudly presents Abandoned Photography, a solo exhibition featuring the abandoned work of photographer Randy Lee Walker.


…Randy had studied fine art photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. He had done black & white printing for the well-known San Francisco photographer Imogene Cunningham as many Art Institute photography students would do. City College had given me a more technical and less creative education with broad skills and studio experience, but little of how to make my images personal and find a unique vision. Randy thought about the art first and would always say that “there is no reason to do any more pictures of rocks and trees”. I learned to embrace seeing the world with new eyes.


Before I met him, Randy had served in the Vietnam war and lived in Hawaii for a while. He had an excellent portfolio of black & white photography from that time and had a solid start to his body of work…


…We were still sharing the flat, along with his soon-to-be wife, when it became time for them to leave. After they moved I found a portfolio case full of his black & white photography left behind in the basement. I called him and we set up a time for him to come get the portfolio case, but he never showed.


That was in 1979…

– Bill Zemanek

On view through November.




Photography Gallery, Marin County. Photo © Ellen Sanford

Photo © Ellen Sanford

Ellen Sanford: New Terrain

February – November 2020

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 7–9PM

As I explore the natural world through my camera, I find that my photography has strong parallels to my vocation as a psychotherapist. One art is aligned with the other.

As a therapist I support my clients as they navigate the vicissitudes of experience, and as a photographer I bring a similar sense of respect as I capture the astonishing variations of life and interconnectedness in the natural world.

I love looking at the familiar in new ways, and using my imagination to disrupt “normal”… and to create new terrain.

In both realms, I think that using a “third eye” has the potential for sparking joy, bearing empathic witness to adversity, and perhaps even creating a deeper appreciation for the cycle of life. — Ellen Sanford


Select images from Ellen Sanford’s still life photography series New Terrain will be on display on the back wall at The Image Flow through November.


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