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Desert landscape photography, death valley sand dunes photography, black and white desert photography, salt flat photography, mesquite flat sand dunes, and more. Check out our student photography taken during our Death Valley Desert Photography Workshop in Death Valley National Park.
Printing on metal is a perfect option for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional paper prints. But be warned—not all metal prints are created equal. Read on for a detailed look at the many benefits of printing on metal and why quality and customization options are an important part of choosing your printer.
Learning photography in an after school workshop is not only fun, it can also be an empowering experience for kids. Learn more about how Constance Chu empowers kids through photography workshops.
Awaken your creativity with Lucy Goodhart, our guest blogger, as she gives tips on sustaining your creative practice through mindfulness photography exercises. Lucy will be teaching our Mindfulness in Photography workshop this fall and sharing even more useful tips for slowing down and opening up to the wisdom of the natural world.
Congratulations to The Image Flow’s 2019 Artist in Residence Program recipients: Arielle Rebek and Gretchen LeMaistre.
If you are determined to protect your photographs from the ravages of time, there is only one way to go. Digitize slides, negatives, prints, and any paper documents that have meaning to you as soon as possible to preserve and archive your family’s past and present.

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