Art reproduction

Your artwork, reproduced by photographic artists.

When it comes to getting prints made of artwork, you can rely on our imaging experts to get the job done right. From lighting your piece in our studio through preparing the perfect file, we’ve refined the process of digital fine art reproduction. With our highly trained eyes and years of experience, we can create a color-accurate edition of high-quality art prints as beautiful as your original.

Our process

We start by photographing your artwork in our studio under carefully controlled lighting conditions. Using high-resolution digital cameras, the resulting image is then strategically adjusted in post-production for optimal output.

Retouching and color matching

All digital files require preparation before reaching our giclée printer. Our digital captures include a basic adjustment for the white balance and histogram, as well as basic cropping. When creating editioned prints or when high-accuracy color fidelity is desired, Color Matching or Retouching may be required to match your original art as closely as possible. For optimal color matching, we suggest an Artist Proof or Test Print to compare with the original.

Choose from two capture options

Hasselblad multishot 50MP

Recommended for Highest Quality Fine Art Reproduction

Our Hasselblad multishot 50MP Digital Medium Format camera produces sharp, detailed images with superior color and exposure accuracy. With this camera, we are able to generate exceptional resolution digital files for life-size reproductions of any artwork

Nikon DSLR

Recommended for Documentation, Websites, and Prints

Excellent quality, budget-priced digital capture of artwork. Perfect for websites, postcards, galley proofs, catalogs, and prints up to 30 inches long. We shoot with a Nikon DSLR camera and sharp, high-quality lenses to achieve the best possible results.

Artwork © Tess Felix, Tiffany Bozic, and Mark Reynolds

Large quantity 35mm film and photo scanning

Digital CaptureUp to (inches)Premium Paper
Hasselblad 50 MP8.5 x 11$25
Nikon DSLR11 x 17$30
Test Strip6″ H x (up to)40″ Wide$30

Color matching and retouching
$120 per hour, billed by the quarter hour

See Photo retouching

Large quantity 35mm film and qhoto scanning

Frame dimensionsWindow mat
8 x 10 inches5 x 7 inches
11 x 14 inches8 x 10 inches
16 x 20 inches11 x 14 inches

Client © Jacque Giuffre

3D artwork

When photographing three-dimensional art an understanding of light is paramount. This is where years of advertising and product photography experience pays off. Whether your artwork is matte, shiny, or reflective, our lighting solutions will make your art look its best. Have ideas in mind regarding the right background or qualities of light? We’ll work with you to ensure that your piece is photographed to your specifications.

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