Photo Scanning Service

Our high-quality scanning services yield high-quality prints.

We offer high quality film and photo digitizing services. Whether you want to digitize family photos, get 2D artwork scanned, or take your entire collection of film or mounted slides digital; we have the optimal solution to convert slides and photo negatives to digital.

What We Do:

  • digitize slides
  • scan negatives
  • scan photos to digital

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

Epson v850 Scanner: Professional Flatbed Scan

Film, Slides, Flat Art, and Prints (up to 8.5 x 11 inches)

The Epson v850 Pro Flatbed Scanner is an excellent choice for scanning prints, 4×5 film, and mounted slides. Large-format film can also be wet-mounted and scanned with great fidelity. All print output sizes at 300ppi.

Print Size / Up to:QualityPrice
5 x 7 in2500px / 16-bit$10
8.5 x 11 in3300px / 16-bit$15
16 x 20 in6000px / 16-bit$20

Add-on resized JPEGs for web – $3 each

For artwork larger than 8.5×11 inches, see Art Reproduction

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

IMACON "Virtual Drum" Film Scanner

High-Quality 35mm and Medium Format Film Scanning

The IMACON scanner provides drum-scan quality at a fraction of the cost. Great for scanning medium format film. Recommended for prints larger than 16×20. The IMACON scans single frames of 35mm and 120mm film. Print sizes are approximate.

Film TypePrint Size (in inches)QualityPrice
35mm Film20 x 308-bit$25
35mm Film20 x 3016-bit$35
Medium Format40 x 608-bit$40
Medium Format40 x 6016-bit$45

Color matching and retouching
$120 per hour, billed by the quarter-hour

See Photo Retouching

Multiple scan discounts for Flatbed and IMACON:

(5-10)     10% discount
(11- 15)   15% discount
(16-20)   20% discount

Standard Pricing for Scans Include: 
Basic histogram adjustment (*retouching not included)

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

35mm film & photo batch camera scan

Large Quantity 35mm Film and Photo Scanning

We offer high-quality digital batch scanning using our Nikon DSLR. Batches are divided by original type of a single type of mount (cardboard slide, plastic slide, cut negative strips, uncut roll film).

We are now offering this popular service for your photo prints up to 8×10 inches in size.

Pricing for batch camera scans include:

  • RAW files delivered as DNGs
  • Auto-exposure and white balance applied with Lightroom (retouching not included)

Color matching and retouching
$120 per hour, billed by the quarter hour

See Photo Retouching

Batch SizePrice (each)
35 - 50$4.00
51 - 99$3.00
100 - 149$2.50
150 +$2.00
*Minimum charge $140

Add-on JPEGS–$15 per batch

  • Batch pricing applies to 35mm originals and photo prints only.
  • For Medium and Large format film, call or drop by for a customized quote. 


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