Our high-quality scanning services yield high-quality prints.

Whether it’s digitizing 2D artwork or scanning medium format film, there’s no substitute for quality. Our high-resolution scanners will get the most out of your images for a variety of output methods. Need to transfer photo negatives to digital format? We can handle it, even large quantities. No matter the source of your analog images, we have a digital conversion solution for you.

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

Epson V850 Pro Flatbed Scan

Film, Slides, Flat Art, and Prints (up to 8.5 x 11 inches)

The V850 Pro is an excellent choice for scanning prints, 4×5 film, and mounted slides. Large-format film can also be wet-mounted and scanned with great fidelity. All print output sizes at 300ppi.

Print Size / Up to:QualityPrice
5 x 7 in2500px / 16-bit$10
8.5 x 11 in3300px / 16-bit$15
16 x 20 in6000px / 16-bit$20

Add-on resized JPEGs for web – $3 each

For artwork larger than 8.5×11 inches, see Art Reproduction

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

IMACON "Virtual Drum" Film Scanner

High-Quality 35mm and Medium Format Film Scanning

The IMACON provides drum-scan quality at a fraction of the cost. Recommended for prints larger than 16 × 20. The IMACON scans single frames of 35mm and 120mm film. Print sizes are approximate.

Film TypePrint Size (in inches)QualityPrice
35mm Film20 x 308-bit$25
35mm Film20 x 3016-bit$35
Medium Format40 x 608-bit$40
Medium Format40 x 6016-bit$45

Standard Pricing for Scans includes:

  • Basic histogram adjustment (retouching not included)

Multiple Scan Discounts for Flatbed and IMACON

  • (5-10) 10% discount
  • (11- 15) 15% discount
  • (16-20) 20% discount

Color Matching and Retouching

  • $120 per hour, billed by the quarter-hour

See Photo Retouching

Print Services, Scanning at The Image Flow

35mm Film & Photo Batch Camera Scan

Large Quantity 35mm Film and Photo Scanning

We offer high-quality digital batch scanning using our Nikon DSLR. Batches are divided by original type of a single type of mount (cardboard slide, plastic slide, cut negative strips, uncut roll film).

We are now offering this popular service for your photo prints up to 8×10 inches in size.

Batch SizePrice (each)
35 - 50$4.50
51 - 99$3.00
100 - 149$2.50
150 +$2.00
*Minimum charge $160

Pricing for Batch Camera Scans includes:

  • RAW files delivered as DNGs
  • Auto-exposure and white balance applied with Lightroom (retouching not included)


Color Matching and Retouching

  • $120 per hour, billed by the quarter-hour

See Photo Retouching

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