Doug Ethridge / Ann Pallesen

Doug Ethridge & Ann Pallesen at Gallery 291

July 11 – September 11, 2015

Artists’ Reception: July 25, 7PM

Photographer Doug Etheridge will show his work from Cuba along with Ann Pallesen’s California landscapes. The work, while seemingly distant in subject, comes together as a complementary series of beautiful, square-format alternative process images.

Alternative process photography exhibition Photographer Doug Ethridge Gallery 291
Carlos. Photo © Doug Etheridge.

“Since 2012, I have made four trips to Cuba and made many Cuban friends. My travels have taken me from the rugged beauty of Viñales, through the central cities of Havana, Trinidad, and Camaguey, and to remote Baracoa in the far west, the first landfall of Christopher Columbus. I have ventured well off the tourist trail, visiting people in their city homes, on rural farms and in backcountry areas reminiscent of 1930s Appalachia. Virtually every Cuban I have met has responded with warmth, generosity, and curiosity, participating in the making of these photographs and in sharing little bit of their lives.”

Alternative process photography exhibition Figure and Steam, Yellowstone National Park Ann Pallesen Gallery 291
Figure and Steam, Yellowstone National Park. Photo © Ann Pallesen.

“Having an appreciation for pictorialism and photography from the turn of the 19th century, I find lith printing an intriguing process to express my vision. The warm tones, hard shadows and soft highlights of lith prints create a timeless atmosphere of delicacy and nostalgia. I shoot with vintage and plastic cameras. This form of lith printing is not to be mistaken with lith film or lithographic prints from stones. It is an analog printing process in the darkroom. There are too many variables to duplicate an exact print each time. Each print is unique.”

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