Photo of the Month – Summer © Nikki Sirois
Photo of the Month – Summer © Nikki Sirois

Photo of the Month–September 2022: Summer 2022

Photo of the Month Winner – Nikki Sirois

Juried By: The Image Flow

The Image Flow is proud to present the results of our Photo of the Month – Summer contest!

We evaluated over 170 submissions on composition, color, contrast, and overall quality when making their selections. In addition to technical components, we considered the subject of interest, point of view, and whether the image tells a story. Under the monthly theme of Summer 2022, the competition was open to professional and amateur photographers globally.

“The photo has been named “Above it all “ Enjoying the Fourth of July on the Maine coast on a commercial lobster boat , these fearless Maine girls,  pictured 10 year old Malina McKendry in the crows nest and Lilly  Day 13 , riding above it all –Nikki Sirois

Shot on Sony Alpha 6300
1/100 sec – f/22 – ISO 100


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