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Photoshop Workshop

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Mondays, November 5 – December 17 (No Class 11/12)

Learn Professional Photo Editing & Photo Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

with Nathan Lomas

Creative photography begins in the camera, but good photo correction seals the deal. In this San Francisco Bay Area photography class, you will work with Photoshop images to learn basic photo editing and photo retouching skills that you can bring to your own work.

This class picks up where Lightroom leaves off, focusing on the fundamentals needed to address more complex situations within digital images.

Professional photography begins with the right photography training and the right tools, and Photoshop is indispensable.


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Class Schedule:

Day 1: Workflow of Moving from LR to PS, Color Spaces, Adjustment Layers Intro

Day 2: Basic Masking (using Brush tool primarily)

Day 3: Retouching Intro (non-destructive workflow for in-depth editing)

Day 4: Selections (including Color Range, etc.)

Day 5: Resolution, Basic Compositing

Day 6: Channels, Luminance Masks, Final Master File workflow

Instructor Bio


Nathan Lomas hails from Buffalo, NY. He developed his passion photography at the tender age of five when his father gave him a Ricoh camera. He has a BFA from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and an MFA in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He is an adjunct professor at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, owns his own photo studio in Alameda where he specializes in 19th-century tintype photography, and at The Image Flow, works with digital restoration, film scanning, and printing, as well as teaching workshops and working one-on-one with clients.