Jock McDonald Lecture: Cuba – Stories From Behind the Tourist Curtain

Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 7PM

Cuba stories Cuban worker by photographer Jock McDonald
Photo © Jock McDonald

Photographer Jock McDonald has visited Cuba some 50 times in the past 25 years. In his new lecture, he will take you on a visual journey behind the tourist curtain of Cuba.
Cuba and the U.S. are shaping a rational relationship with each other and real action has taken place with the swapping of political prisoners, but what does that mean? Where were we, and where are we now?
You will experience 25 years of Cuba through Jock’s exciting slide show and talk. He will discuss what has changed, and how contact between Cubans and tourists has changed the U.S.–Cuban relationship. Jock will share with you the generosity of the Cuban spirit, their genius for survival, their humor, and their open hearts.
Read more about Jock’s work in Cuba on our blog.
Jock will lead a small-group workshop to Havana with TIF owner Stuart Schwartz and Cuban photographers and long-time friends Ramses Batista and Alex Castro April 20 – 26.


Presenter Bio: Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Jock McDonald opened his photography and film studio in San Francisco in 1986. He is a self-taught photographer whose work has achieved national and international critical acclaim for its distinctive use of wit, humor, pathos, and mystery. McDonald’s work has been widely published and exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including exhibitions in the U.S., Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and Cuba.

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