First 50 Years of Photography with Jeff Martz: Part 2

Part 2: The Pioneers of Photography

April 25, 2013, at 7PM

You are invited to join photographer and art historian Jeffrey Martz for a tour through the astonishing first 50 years of photography. In this series, we will explore the origins, the pioneers, the journeys, the expansion, and the art of a medium that revolutionized human communication. Using the best possible reproductions we will see the technologies, practitioners, and key works that made photography central to the story of the world. The series is intended for both the newcomer to this history and the curious expert looking to contribute to the discussion. See you there!

April 25, 2013, at 7PM – Part 2: The Pioneers of Photography

19th century photography develops under the pressure of many imperatives. Practitioners around the world respond with pioneering work that set the course for what the new medium will become. Join photographer and art historian Jeffrey Martz as he introduces photographic revolutionaries like Anna Atkins, Hill and Adamson, Southworth and Hawes and more in an open forum featuring the best-possible reproductions.

Southworth & Hawes    Alice Mary Hawes   daguerreotype,  c. 1852

Bio: A seasoned traveler and fine art photographer, Jeff Martz earned his MFA in Photography from Utah State in 1997. He has taught graduate Art History at his alma mater, and currently teaches photography at Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo.

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