Nancy Farese Lecture: Photography & Art as Activism

Thursday, May 8, 2014, at 7PM


nancy Farese, PhotoPhilanthrophy, Art as Activism, Visual Storytelling

What is the role of a single image in a digitally overwhelmed world? Where are the opportunities to make a social impact with your work when photographers struggle to get paid, and image creation is experiential? Nancy Farese, photographer and founder of PhotoPhilanthropy, will talk about her work in the field as a photographer and the role that PhotoPhilanthropy is playing to drive opportunities for photography that matters.


“In 2009 I founded PhotoPhilanthropy as a platform for The Activist Award to reward excellence for photographers shooting a body of work that helped nonprofit convey their story through images. In 2013 our site represents over 500 photographers and 400 nonprofits from 88 different countries. Our programming includes grants, educational opportunities and exhibitions designed to give voice, visibility and power to photographers who shoot socially impactful images, and non-profit and NGO leaders who are eager to better understand the use of visual communications to advance their work.”

Nancy Richards Farese is the Founder of PhotoPhilanthropy and the Board Chair. Nancy is a social documentary photographer who strives to create evocative and dignified images that document the work of nonprofits in places such as refugee camps in Sudan and Uganda, post-disaster areas such as Haiti and Liberia, and communities addressing severe needs in their own backyards, such as San Francisco and New Orleans. Nancy founded PhotoPhilanthropy in 2009 to promote the work of nonprofits and connect them with photographers in order to encourage more effective visual storytelling. Her work has been featured in Time, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Marin IJ, and The Financial Times. She regularly shoots for The Carter Center, Mercy Corps, UNHCR and the International Rescue Committee. Nancy is a frequent lecturer and blogger on social entrepreneurship and the role of visual media in nonprofit storytelling. She lives in Marin County, California with her husband and 5 children.

You can read Nancy’s Huffington Post blog Here.

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