Photo of the Month Call for Entry: Rocks

Call for Entry Photo of the Month: Rocks

Juried by: The Image Flow

We’re excited to announce our Image of the Month photo contest for April: Rocks!

Submission is free and only images uploaded this month are eligible, so keep submitting new photographs. Beyond being featured in our gallery, newsletter, and bragging rights, the winner will receive a 16×20 giclée paper print. The moral of the story – upload awesome images every month!

The Image Flow will evaluate each submission on composition, color, contrast, and overall quality when making their selections. In addition to technical components, they will also consider subject interest, point of view, and whether the image tells a story.

Under this month’s theme of Rocks, the competition is open to professional and amateur photographers globally.

Photography Competition Theme

Rocks form the foundation of our earth, shaping landscapes, offering shelter, and even serving as canvases for ancient art. From the grandeur of natural formations carved by time itself to the raw materials of our buildings that tell our histories – rocks are a testament to the enduring and ever-changing story of our planet and humanity.

This month’s photography competition theme, rocks, invites you to capture the essence and myriad roles of rocks in our world.


This call is open to all artists worldwide, both amateur and professional.

All entries must be original works of art and entirely the work of the entrant. Open to photography mediums (film, digital, alternative process, printmaking, digital art) except film/video & mixed media.

For more information about submission policies, requirements, liability, and consent criteria please visit our Terms & Conditions.


Deadline for Submission

May 1, 2024
11:59 PM

Registration & Fees

Free to submit — (5) images max

Best of the Month Award

  • 1st Place – $100 TIF Gift Certificate & 16×20 giclée print on archival quality paper
  • (3) Honorable Mentions – 16×20 giclée print on archival quality paper
  • Feature in our newsletter, website, and social media.