Pei Ketron: iPhone Photography

February 1 – June 1, 2017

Select images from Pei Ketron’s iPhone photography are on display at The Image Flow.


Pei Ketron is a photographer, educator, speaker, and traveler based in San Francisco. She was born in Taiwan and raised on the Navajo Nation in Arizona as part of a biracial household. As a child, she spent summers enduring the monsoons of the tropics and the remainder of the year running barefoot in the deserts of the American southwest.

After more than a decade slowly building a photography business while working as a public school teacher, her career exploded when social media, specifically Instagram, became huge. She was selected to be a part of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 billboard campaign and now has over 830K followers on Instagram. Pei now teaches photography workshops at Skillshare, the Firefly Institute, Creative Live, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and here at The Image Flow, as well as one-on-one classes and travel mentorships.

She’s been featured in Condé Nast Traveler, Time, 7×7, and is known as an engaging speaker at events such as Alt Summit, Talk 20, Start Conference, and South by Southwest (SXSW).

Pei Ketron’s work is now on display on the back wall at The Image Flow and is scheduled to hang through June.

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