Martin Lesinski on Hendrik Paul’s Show, Light From Within

Black and white photography
I’ve been to a banquet­—Hendrik Paul’s new show at The Image Flow, Light From Within. It’s a show with crescendos of excitement and photographs that grant the viewer entry into the personal vision of an emerging voice. There are some many faceted gems here. As with any emerging photographer, about one third of the show consists of classic image making. Though masterful, as classic uses of composition, light, tonal value, subject matter, etc., they are images that don’t add anything new to the vocabulary of photography and don’t clear his unique voice. However, these are silenced by the majority of the show, which consists of images that not only add words and phrases to photography’s vocabulary, but also employ these additions to convey stories of genuine seeing.

Margot Hartford: Photographing Kids

Magnolia Lane. margot Hartford
Born in Canada, Margot Hartford’s love of photography was encouraged while attended a photography poly-technical university in Toronto. After school, she worked as a full-time assistant for an advertising photographer learning more about the practicalities and business of being a commercial shooter.

Henrik Kam shoots the SF Jazz Center

SFJAZZ Center, Henrik Kam
Henrik Kam has been documenting the creation of the stunning new SF landmark, the SF Jazz Center!
SF Jazz hired him to document the construction and progress of the SF Jazz Center over a period of 18 months. Among other things, Henrik mounted a web-cam to create time lapse sequences. Currently, he is in the process of making the final photos of the project. You can see his work HERE.
Henrik will be working with another impressive SF landmark, the new SFMOMA addition, later this year.
We are happy to have Henrik teaching The Flow’s Architectural Photography and Urban Landscape class again this year. His knowledge of the San Francisco landscape, on the ground technical and artistic experience and thorough understanding of architectural photography will make for an amazing class!

Jeff Zaruba: Black and White Exploration Teacher

Golden gate park, Jeff Zaruba

This will be Jeff Zaruba’s second year teaching a class at The Flow. He likes to get into the “why” behind his students interest in photography, and help them understand their vision and curiosity. He finds working with the students incredibly rewarding as he helps them gain confidence and reach the next level of their artistic potential.