Mark Citret Scenes

Mark Citret: Scenes Encountered at Gallery 291

September 28 – November 30, 2013

Closing Event: Saturday, November 23, 7PM

“If I hold any convictions at all as a photographer, foremost among them would be the belief that there are pictures lurking everywhere. They are concealed and camouflaged in the landscape that surrounds us, whether urban, rural, wild, or cultivated. The trick is finding those pictures. It is all the more difficult because they are right in front of us all the time. My experience has taught me that when I allow myself to drift in “autopilot,” divorced from all my preferences, expectations, and judgments, my eye will eventually settle on some familiar scene, never quite seen before.” – Mark Citret

Mark prints on an obscure and long unavailable vellum-like paper, using a special dual-toning process that gives his prints their unique coloring and warmth. The show will consist of both vellum and platinum palladium prints.

German photographer, Ruth Bernhard asserts, “I am touched by the reverence with which Mark’s eyes approach the world before him, the tenderness with which he sees the subtle simple beauty that is nearly invisible to, and most often ignored by, passerby. Few ever observe and make such minute and meaningful connections between light and ever so transitory revelations. Mark Citret walks lightly over his earth but sees so much.”

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