Chromaluxe metal prints–benefits of printing on metal

You may be curious about the metal prints you’ve seen in magazines, restaurants, and on your friends’ walls. They’re currently trending and popular among photographers, artists, and interior designers for a clean, modern presentation of photography.

Prints on metal are a perfect solution for anyone who would like an alternative to printing on traditional paper or canvas. But be warned—not all metal prints are created equal. Read on for a detailed look at the many benefits of printing on metal and why high-definition Chromaluxe Metal prints are the only metal prints that meet our seal of approval.

Beautiful Color & Rich Detailed Blacks

Chromaluxe Metal prints are loved for their vibrant color and exceptional shadow detail, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of the best local printers of Chromalux who’s quality, careful calibrating, and detailed color profiling yield truly exceptional results when compared to other online competitors. These high definition metal prints are simply the best.

Archival metal prints that last

These metal prints beat popular photo luster papers in longevity testing with a 65+ year archival rating. This means the colors will not fade, even in direct sun exposure.

Scratch resistant

Each metal panel is treated with a highly durable coating. The printing process then infuses the printing dyes into this coating using a combination of high heat and pressure. The result creates a far more durable surface than a traditional print, for excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion.

Moisture resistant

Metal prints are completely moisture resistant, unlike prints on paper, because they are nonporous. Perfect for damp and humid interiors or areas where there could be a lot of condensation. Think bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid climates such as homes in deep shade, or tropical locations like Hawaii.

Chemical resistant

Metal print surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, vinegar, bleach, or any all-purpose cleaners.


Modern display without the frame cost

The aluminum plates used for Chromaluxe prints are extremely durable, eliminating the need for UV glass or acrylic, or even a traditional frame. Avoid the high cost of traditional framing and save hundreds while displaying your prints with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

Additionally, the lightweight nature of prints on aluminum lends itself to easy transportation and greater flexibility when choosing where to hang your photography. We suggest the hidden back inset frame option for a metal print that will come ready-to-hang and create the illusion of your image floating just off the surface of the wall.

Surface Options

Now that you have decided to print on metal, we’ve got a variety of surfaces and finishes to choose from for a customized unique look to your print.

White Base

The White Base produces prints that look accurate and most similar to prints on paper. No color or texture of metal can be seen in the image.

Clear Brushed Aluminum Base

The Clear Brushed Aluminum Base provides a true metallic feel to your metal print. With this option, wherever there is white in your image your print will show the color and texture of the brushed aluminum metal with its metallic and silver tones. If you have an image with very little or no white, this may not be the best choice.

Surface Finishes

Both White & Clear Brushed Aluminum are available in the following finishes.

High Gloss Finish

This popular finish has the greatest color vibrancy and dynamic range with the richest black point. This finish is prone to glare, just like any high reflective finish.

Semi-Gloss Finish

This is a wonderful intermediate surface finish between High Gloss and Matte. You still get excellent vibrant colors and a rich black point while minimizing some of the surface reflectivity and glare.

Matte Finish

This has a beautifully soft non-glare finish that controls reflections and has a nice sophistication. Blacks are still deep while maintaining subtle color definition.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of and customized options for printing on metal we hope you’ll give it a try. You’ll get all the same benefits of printing a traditional print with us including adding on retouching or enhancing your image before printing. Once you’ve decided on the best options for your metal print you’re guaranteed to have a stylish and modern piece of art!

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