Grizzly with Salmon © Mary D'Agostino nature & landscape photographer

Mary D’Agostino: Seeking Beauty in Nature’s Fleeting Moments

Grizzly with Salmon © Mary D'Agostino nature & landscape photographer

Emerging nature and landscape photographer Mary D’Agostino is as homegrown as much of her work. A busy executive by day, Mary used to spend her vacations painting wildlife, but in recent years, she has developed a passion for photography. She put herself through a “school of photography” taking workshops and classes at The Image Flow and started working one-on-one with Stuart. “I was doing projects and shooting a lot, and I would routinely bring my work in for critique from Stuart.”

Mary has also sought critiques from experts in the field of nature photography, which have been met with increasing success. “I’m fearless when it comes to finding people in the field of photography to evaluate my photographs,” she says.

Instagram, Pei Ketron

Pei Ketron on Instagram

Instagram, Pei Ketron

Pei Ketron is a San Francisco-based photographer and educator who’s been shooting since 2001 and teaching photo classes privately and through companies such as Skillshare, Edelman, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops since 2010. She also has over 830,000 followers on Instagram—and for good reason too. Her work, which explores symmetry and vantage points, is a breath of fresh air on cluttered Instagram feeds filled with brunch plates and cats.

Instagram Issues

If you are a user of Instagram, whether you think its a great form of social media or think its a fun photography app, you should be aware of their privacy use.

Hurricane Sandy Photos on TIME Lightbox

Courtesy Spenser Platt/Getty Images

Like many of you I’m sure, I have been watching The Weather Channel and network television wanting to see what is happening 3000 miles away. Wanting to connect with what people are going through.

I have also turned to one of my favorite online photography sites, TIME LightBox. Photojournalism is such a powerful medium to portray the human condition, and TIME is doing a great job sharing amazing images with us. Time, Getty, Corbis, Zuma Press, AP, Reuters. just to name a few agencies, have their photographers on the ground and in the air covering the storm. Take a look!