Working out of Ramses Fiat Lunch Box All the photo gear on the roof
Jock McDonald driving Ramses Batista's Fiat Lunch Box (a Cuban photographer and long-time friend), with all the photo gear on the roof!

A Cuban Will Give You the Shirt Off His Back

Working out of Ramses Fiat Lunch Box All the photo gear on the roof

Jock McDonald went to Cuba for the first time in 1990 with Bernardo Gonzalez, the son of Mexican Minister of Culture Juan Francisco Gonzalez. The elder Gonzalez had had become somewhat of a mentor to Jock on Latin American culture after giving him his first retrospective show in Mexico. “Juan Francisco said to me, ‘You’ll never understand Latin America if you don’t understand Cuba,’” Jock recalls.

“But he said, ‘I’m not going, I’m married. I’m going to have my son take you.’ I will never forget the look in his son’s eyes, the look that said, ‘I’m not taking a gringo to Cuba!’” Jock laughs.

Since 1990, photographer he has made some 50 trips to Cuba. What keeps him coming back, are the friendships he has found.

Catherine Karnow Art of Photographing People
Photo © Catherine Karnow

Catherine Karnow: The Magic Always Happens

Catherine Karnow Art of Photographing People

Acclaimed National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow will present her lecture “The Art of Photographing People” on February 5 at The Image Flow, and a workshop in March. Known for her photographs of people, here, she discusses her teaching style, her existential search for “home,” and what drives her to keep on shooting.

“No matter whether I’m shooting on location or in a workshop, I have the faith that the magic will always happen,” she says.

Matt Black Former cotton migrant at home Teviston, CA
Former cotton migrant at home. Teviston, CA.

Matt Black: Documenting the Social Implications of Modern Farming

Matt Black Former cotton migrant at home Teviston, CA

From southern Mexico to rural California, Matt Black documents the social issues of modern farming and the effects of one of the most severe droughts in recorded history.

Matt Black began photographing the small towns and expansive farmlands of California’s Central Valley for nearly 20 years. A native of that vast agricultural area that runs nearly the entire length of the state, Matt says he began to notice a shift in the people working the fields around his home town.

Photo Alliance Lecture on June 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Tintype Redux Photo Alliance presents a Spring Lecture Series event on June 3rd at 7:30 pm for $10 ($5 for students with ID) or join the BBQ to celebrate the release of a new book called HIDDEN ALCATRAZ at 6 pm for $20.  The lecture features discussions with contemporary artists who have reconsidered the nearly forgotten 19th century processes made by collodion on glass or metal. Find out how these processes are getting updated by these artists in some astonishing ways.