Guest Register by Penny Wolin — Lecture & Book Signing

A vignette of humanity, possibility, and self-reinvention in 1970s Hollywood, as captured by an adventurous and inquisitive 21-year-old. Book Release: September 14, 2022 Lecture & Reception: Thursday, December 1, 7:00–8:30PM Guest Register chronicles the residents of the St. Francis Hotel, a pay-by-the-week establishment in Hollywood, over a 3-week period in spring, 1975. The curious photographer […]

Death Valley Sand Dunes Photography: A How-to Guide

By Michael E. Gordon Death Valley sand dunes photography can pose unique challenges for photographers and their gear. Heat and cold, wind, brilliant light, and compositional challenges can be expected as routine elements of the pursuit. Being properly prepared and outfitted can result in significantly better outcomes and experiences. I spend many days each year […]

Death Valley Workshop Photography 2020

Photography from Death Valley in February Desert landscape photography, death valley sand dunes photography, black and white desert photography, salt flat photography, mesquite flat sand dunes, and more. Check out our student photography taken during our Death Valley Desert Photography Workshop in Death Valley National Park in 2020. Ben Johnson     Beth Boone   […]

Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials

Now you can easily find our collection of short video tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop all in one place. Lightroom Tutorials How to Edit Black and White Photos in Lightroom Classic Black and White editing in Lightroom is more than just switching to monochrome. The reality is you can get much better images by using […]

Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

Watch our short video tutorial for how to dodge and burn in Photoshop using Curve Adjustment Layers and Masking.

Replacing a Sky in Photoshop

  Hi, my name is Nathan Lomas, Today I’m going to show you one method of replacing a sky using Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom – Open as Layers in Photoshop Alright, so here I am in Lightroom, and I have two images, and I want to drop this more dramatic sky into this image. I have […]

How to Remove an Object in Photoshop

Watch our short video tutorial or read on for our guide to basic photo retouching in Photoshop and how to remove an object in Photoshop. *Video transcription provided below* Hi, my name is Nathan Lomas, Today I’m going to give you an introduction to basic retouching in Adobe Photoshop. So here I am in Adobe […]

Lightroom Edit in Photoshop Settings

Watch our short video tutorial or read on for our guide to setting your Lightroom Classic preferences for editing Lightroom photos in Photoshop. *Video transcription provided below* Hi, I’m Nathan Lomas, Today we’re going to be discussing sending an image from Adobe Lightroom Classic to Photoshop using the optimal settings. Sometimes you may have an […]

Lightroom Cropping and Image Resolution

*Video transcription provided below* A common question we get here at The Image Flow is—How big can I print my photo? The answer to that question is always different, but it will most certainly always comes down to image resolution or dpi for printing photos. Watch our short video tutorial or read on for our […]