home sick, "American Homes 5", Artwork © Francis Baker

Announcing the 2018 Artist in Residence Program Recipients

Congratulations to The Image Flow's 2018 Artist in Residence Program recipients: Francis Baker and Sarah Rose Weitzman. As you may already know, The Image Flow recently held a call for submissions to our brand new Artist in Residence program, with the goal of providing our equipment and resources to assist a photographic artist with the creation of their personal work. With the institution of this program, we are proud to show our continued support to the photography community as a ...

For the Love of Photography: Jeffrey Martz on the Amateur Spirit

Willamette Valley Jeffrey Martz

Of all the eras and styles in the medium’s history, art historian and photographer Jeffrey Martz is most drawn to the 19th-century amateur pictorial photographers such as Lewis Carroll, Clementina (Lady Hawarden), and Julia Margaret Cameron.

“An amateur photographer was a clearly-defined category of maker in the 19th century, someone who pursued photography seriously but not professionally. They weren’t in a studio trying to please a client, and because of this, they were free to make the best possible pictures in whatever style they wished. They did their work literally for the Latin root of the word—amore—or love,” Jeffery explained.

Christmas present boxes

Photographer’s Holiday Gift Ideas

Equipment and Gear Think Tank Camera bags – Airport Series Rollers – Specifically designed for traveling photographers, the Airport Roller Series maximizes interior space while easily fitting into airline overhead compartments. Intellytech Light Stix Mini – Light your subjects with this portable LED wand with a flick of a switch. SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-II SDXC Memory Card – Expand your storage capacity for capturing RAW + JPEG, sequential burst shots, and HD video. Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet – …

Self-Taught Teen Explores Identity Through Film Photography

arthur wechsler self portrait film photography

Arthur Wechsler discovered photography at an early age. His grandfather was a photographer in the Korean War and Arthur had one of his old cameras sitting in his room “forever.”

“One day, I think a year before he passed away, I asked for a camera, and he got me one for Christmas. I was 11 or 12 at the time,” Arthur said.

Between the Lines of Illustration & Photography: Meet Anton Belov

anton-belov-Body Politic

You may have noticed a new face at The Flow over the past several months. Meet Anton Belov: His official title is Production Assistant, and in his time here, he’s proven to be a valuable member of our small team.

A recent graduate of California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration and a freelance graphic designer, Anton Belov has been doing a little bit of everything at The Image Flow, from printing photographs to designing fliers to being available for the next task, whatever it might be. When he is not at The Flow, he can be found freelancing for a number of clients such as Stanford Children’s Health, Saint Mary’s College of California, or the Paramount.

“Recently I’ve been gravitating toward illustration, moving away from graphic design and becoming more interested in the image-making part design, rather than shapes and text,” he said.

Non-Stop Action at Our Slow Food Workshop in Umbria

photography workshop italy umbria

Jeff Zaruba and I arrived in Umbria a few days before the workshop began to scout locations with our Italian assistant Lorenzo. Those first couple of days were busy, but they were nothing compared to the non-stop action once the workshop began.

We had 10 students in the group and one of the students brought along his wife. On our first day of shooting, we went to a bed and breakfast we’d scouted a year ago. The location is extremely picturesque and Eleanora was all ready for us: The kitchen was set up for us to shoot while she prepared lunch, and she’d planned a wonderful menu.

Fading Traditions: Papua New Guinea in Color

Fran Meckler Papua New Guinea documentary photography

Photographer Fran Meckler is passionate about her social documentary work—she’s visited more than 70 countries over her career. Her latest images were made during a two-week trip to Papua New Guinea where she documented in vivid color the changing landscape, the lives of many different tribes and what is still left of tribal life in the 21st century, and the mystery of that very foreign culture.

In a new exhibition at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, Fran will show 25 images from the trip, printed by The Image Flow.

Charles Nearburg’s 1969 Porsche 917K, Chris MacAllister's 917K, and Bruce Canepa's 917K into turn eleven Sunday.

The Ins & Outs of Photographing Auto Racing

photographing auto racing dennis gray DSC_6133

Dennis Gray was introduced to photography right about the same time his father started sneaking him into the Stockton sport races in the trunk of his car—he was 14. “I got a Nikon F, one of the first ones they made in 1959, and at the same time, my father bought a go-kart that he and I raced. We were both gear heads,” recalled Dennis. “He snuck me into the races so he didn’t have to pay the $2 entry fee.”

Bunting's famous depiction of Europe as a Queen
Maps are fun and surprising, and can take many forms, for example this 1581 map by Heinrich Bunting depicting Europe as Queen.

Old Maps Reborn Into Digital Life

Preserving vintage maps Abraham Ortelius's Maris Pacifici

Michael Jennings and Cecilia Malaguti are the couple behind Neatline Maps, a vintage and rare map dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area. They came to The Image Flow to make a digital archive of their collection—which consists currently of over 300 maps—both for their online store, and as a way to preserve the maps and the stories they represent. The reproductions are being made with TIF’s medium format Hasselblad, which offers extreme resolution and sharpness.

Michael and Cecelia became interested in maps through their training as archaeologists—Michael works for the nonprofit Center for Digital Archaeology in Marin. They started out collecting a few maps they particularly enjoyed, but a year ago, they decided to turn their hobby into a business.

15 Perfect Gifts for Photographers

Nikon Lens Mug

Need gift ideas for the photographer in your life? Check out these handpicked gifts for the discerning photographer this holiday season.

The Image Flow has curated our list of the very best gifts for photographers. Every one of these great gifts is sure to excite and inspire professionals, advanced amateurs, and would-bes alike!

slow food umbria assisi
The historic hilltop town of Assisi.

Getting to the Heart of Slow Food in Umbria

slow food umbria assisi

Stuart Schwartz recently spent three days with his family in Umbria, Italy, as part of a scouting trip for a new workshop next summer focused on the Slow Food movement and the local Italian lifestyle.

“My goal is to create a workshop in which we’ll create an accurate portrait of Umbria—the people, lifestyle, landscape, and architecture—but also get an intimate experience of what it’s like to actually live in Umbria, if even for only a short time,” writes Stuart.

Two Businessmen, SF, Ca, 1971 Gelatin silver print, 7 ¾ "× 11 ½ ", Matte 16"× 20"
Two Businessmen, SF, Ca, 1971. Photo © Ken Graves.

Gallery Presents Tribute to Iconic SF Photographer Ken Graves

Two Businessmen, SF, Ca, 1971 Gelatin silver print, 7 ¾ "× 11 ½ ", Matte 16"× 20"

Photographer and collage artist Ken Graves is best known for his black-and-white street photography of San Francisco at the transition from the 1960s to the 1970s. Graves passed away earlier this year at the age of 74, leaving behind a legacy of more than 50 years of work. Almost two dozen pieces are part of SFMOMA’s permanent collection, and now the Anglim Gilbert Gallery in San Francisco has put together a new exhibition, The Home Front, to pay tribute to this great California artist.

Chasing Stars: Don Whitebread’s Night Photography

Star Tracks Over Yosemite Falls Starlight night photography

Don Whitebread owns a decent telescope but admits he’s not much of an astronomer. He bought the telescope to do astrophotography, and then realized it didn’t give him the opportunity to play with time in the way he’d imagined.

“The work I’m doing, I feel like I’m capturing a particular moment. It’s a long moment, but still, it’s a moment in time when these stars happen to line up with this foreground and it creates a composition,” he said.

The work he’s referring to is part of an ongoing collection called Starlight. He shoots mostly with a medium-format Hasselblad and black and white film—digital cameras don’t allow for the type of exposure he’s after. Each exposure requires an exposure of around an hour and a half. The result is a glimpse of thousands of stars moving across the night sky.

TIF Kids Workshops Guide Students to Self Discovery

kids photography workshops

It’s been a busy summer at The Image Flow with two sessions of our Summer Photo Camp for Kids and the Angel Island Summer Photo Excursion. All of these kids photography workshops are geared toward middle school-aged shooters, one of my favorite ages to teach because they’re able to handle more challenging concepts and assignments and they learn so fast.

The goals of the workshops are simple: Teach kids how to use their camera on manual mode and how to do basic post-processing in Lightroom—I find that even my intermediate students benefit from the review and practice of using their cameras with the exercises I give them. In the Angel Island workshop, which is made up primarily of students that already have some photography experience, we do some work with Photoshop as well.

Camp Hope Looking Glass Photo
Young photographers at Camp Hope earthquake refugee camp in Nepal.

Photography Brings Hope to Camp Hope

Camp Hope Looking Glass Photo

Jeff Greenwald, an Oakland-based photojournalist, author, and founder of the nonprofit Ethical Traveler, has been photographing in Nepal since 1979. He first visited Camp Hope, one of Kathmandu’s most progressive earthquake refugee camps, in the fall of 2005.

“One of the kids—a very smart and completely charming 10-year-old girl named Laxmi Sherpa—asked to borrow my camera … such a request would normally give me pause. But Laxmi had impressed me with her honesty and sense of responsibility—so I handed it over,” said Jeff.

That afternoon was the beginning of his project with Looking Glass Photo. The idea was simple: Provide cameras to the children Camp Hope and teach them how to document their daily lives.

Intermediate photography james clift 05
Student photographer James Clift shot this series of images at the Tadich Grill in San Francisco as part of the Intermediate Photography workshop. Photo © James Clift.

James Clift on “Assignment Discipline” in Intermediate Photography

Intermediate photography james clift 05

Balancing your photographic pursuits with the ups and downs of daily life can be a difficult task. Keeping pace with a photography series requires not only dedication but also a clear direction to ensure building success. Here, workshop student James Clift talks about how creative assignments with concrete deadlines can help expand the horizons of the intermediate photographer.