Death Valley Sand Dunes Photography: A How-to Guide

By Michael E. Gordon Death Valley sand dunes photography can pose unique challenges for photographers and their gear. Heat and cold, wind, brilliant light, and compositional challenges can be expected as routine elements of the pursuit. Being properly prepared and outfitted can result in significantly better outcomes and experiences. I spend many days each year […]

Chromaluxe metal prints–benefits of printing on metal

You may be curious about the metal prints you’ve seen in magazines, restaurants, and on your friends’ walls. They’re currently trending and popular among photographers, artists, and interior designers for a clean, modern presentation of photography. Prints on metal are a perfect solution for anyone who would like an alternative to printing on traditional paper […]

Empowering Youth Through Photography

Guest blogger Constance Chu shares her thoughts on empowering her students through the art of photography. Learning photography in an after-school workshop is not only fun, it can also be an empowering experience for kids. Often, when we think back to our childhoods, one thing that stands out is how powerful the experience of anxiety […]

Stillness and the Creative Process: Awaken Your Creativity Through Mindfulness

Awaken your creativity with Lucy Goodhart, our guest blogger, as she gives tips on sustaining your creative practice through mindfulness photography exercises. Lucy will be teaching our Mindfulness in Photography workshop this fall and sharing even more useful tips for slowing down and opening up to the wisdom of the natural world. Away, away, from […]

How to Photograph Fireworks: Our Ultimate Guide

Our ultimate guide to photographing fireworks. The fourth of July is a perfect time to test your skills as a photographer and see how well you can take control of your camera with shooting fireworks displays. Nighttime fireworks photography is a form of night photography and comes with its own tricks of the trade. In […]

2019 AIR Program Recipients

Congratulations to The Image Flow’s 2019 Artist in Residence Program recipients: Arielle Rebek and Gretchen LeMaistre. The Image Flow recently held our second annual call for entry to our Artist in Residence Program, with the goal of providing our equipment and resources to assist photographic artists with the creation of their personal work. With this […]

Convert Your Negatives and Slides to Digital Images

Protect your photos from the ravages of time, and preserve & archive your family’s past and present. Reasons to Digitize The only objects in your home that are irreplaceable are artwork and your family photos, videos, and other documents. If you are determined to protect your photographs from the ravages of time, there is (in […]

Cyanotypes: Photography’s Blue Period

This is Max Kellenberger and Niniane Kelley taking over The Image Flow blog! As we prepare for the third iteration of our cyanotype workshop Intro to Cyanotype Printing at The Image Flow, we want to share more about ourselves and our workshop. The next course will be May 17–19, 2019. No previous darkroom experience is […]