Photography tips to shoot like a pro

The fourth of July is a perfect time to test your skills as a photographer and see how well you can take control of your camera with shooting fireworks displays. Nighttime fireworks photography is a form of night photography and comes with its own tricks of the trade. Read on for our complete guide to firework photography.
February 13, 2017
Tip: You’ve got to know where the action is going to happen, says pro race photographer Dennis Gray. Dennis Gray was introduced to photography right about the same time his father started sneaking him into the Stockton sport races in the trunk of his car—he was 14. “I got a Nikon F, one of the first ones they made in 1959, and at the same time, my father bought a go-kart that he and I raced. We were both gear heads,” recalled Dennis. “He snuck me into the races so he didn’t have to pay the $2 entry fee.”

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