Interview with Brian Taylor

23_parade-cemetery-web Teacher and artist Brian Taylor talks about his education, teaching and the “voodoo” of alternative process photography.

Discussion with Gary Yost: Photographing Bowling Ball Beach

The Image Flow sat down with Gary Yost to discuss his experience trekking up to Pt. Arena in Mendocino County to photograph the unusual shaped rocks that reveal themselves only at certain tides. What inspired you to photograph Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino’s Pt. Arena? I was at the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival in […]

Q&A with Bill Green

How did a 14 year old become a rock and roll photographer? In those days concerts weren’t events featuring a single key artist with a minor opening act. Every concert was an event featuring 3 or 4 bands on each bill – and often an early and a late show. So the bands would play […]

A Conversation with Trish Carney

Following is an excerpt from a conversation between independent curator Anne Veh and Trish Carney, a visual artist living in Marin County, California.  On a warm July afternoon, Trish Carney and I met in Mill Valley to talk about her new body of work from her time in Yellowstone National Park this May when she […]