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  1. I love the image posted of the policeman with his hand on his gun!
    and I love street photography. I always wanted to be a photojournalist…but then I decided it was maybe too dangerous so I went into advertising photography instead where the dangers had more to do with ego and of course not being able to pay the rent.
    I love all the photographers that have influenced Barbara…and really
    related to everything she said….Would love to meet and talk sometime!

  2. I enjoyed reading about Barb’s process and experience photographing people outside of her comfort zone. Her pictures are great — I know it was a tremendous effort to make them.

  3. Wow! What a beuftiaul spot. I can’t believe all the sealife you saw. It looks like your kids had a blast too! Definitely a place to revisit!
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  4. Gary you are crazy as ever! Good luck… when you come back to earth I will introduce you to our good friend Phil Pastuhov, here in MV, who specializes in sooting film from helicopters! Maybe he can answer some of your questions.

  5. Dear Sharon,
    I have seen one or two of your beautiful images at The Image Flow and was wondering the story behind them. I enjoyed reading your blog and about your journey working though grief in such a wonderful way. I look forward to seeing more of your work and hope to make your opening.

  6. I believe Sharon spends anywhere from a few hours to a half a day per Mandala to arrange and shoot, but there is also time spent finding all of these amazing flowers.

  7. Dear Matt,
    Congratulations on your marriage–may you enjoy many wonderful years together. While this is a major life transition for you, I know that you will enjoy the adventures to come.
    I will miss seeing you at the Image Flow. It has been reassuring to know that you are there, and that I could turn to you for advice and counsel. I will be leaving in a few days for the Far East, so I will miss your farewell party, but I wanted to wish you all the best in you new life. The world is your oyster!

  8. Dear Matt, It’s always been a pleasure to bring my questions and photography puzzles to you so you can straighten me out. I came to look forward to taking classes with you or bringing one of my questions to you. I’ll miss your presence at Image Flow. Congratulations on your recent marriage and best wishes for a successful transition to this new phase of your life.
    Sincerely, Karen Kent

  9. Matt and the mad scientist!
    Congratulations on your marriage and wishes for many happy years together.
    I enjoyed my learning sessions with you, especially photo-shopping and as it turns out, I am also moving to Southern Calif and would like to keep track of you. Arriving back in Los Angeles end of August with lots of photos from 7 months of traveling! Do you have a phone? or email?
    All the best,
    Linda Winslow

  10. will totally miss your fun,funny,easygoing,always understanding my stupid questions presence at Image Flow but Amazing great news that you are starting out in a brand new life in LA with your new wife and i look forward to seeing a “Matt” show of pictures on the Image Flow walls in the future – best of everything to someone who always gave his best and nicest to everyone that flowed by
    jeanne strongin

  11. Matt –
    Congratulations and wow! You look all grown up. How fortunate you are to have found your beautiful mad scientist. May you make beautiful mad science, art, love and life together! It was an honor to receive your instruction. Keep it flowing!
    With appreciation,

  12. Matt- CONGRATS on move south w/ mad scientist… For me, YOU were a real big BIG asset @ TheFlow: thanx for your help, thoughts & valuable presence over these past short five years… BonV doing fashion, or … ?! In my humble experience and opine your agile bedside manner will make you a grand success in whatever happens next in your life!!

  13. Matt –
    Best wishes on your new adventure – you will certainly find your way! Together with Stuart, you guided and fueled my interest in photography – I SO appreciate the patience and enthusiasm you demonstrated in and out of class. The demands of work and commuting curtailed my instruction at The Image Flow, but what you taught me continues to guide my work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I’ll be out of town on the 27th, so sorry to miss the party! Enjoy yourself, and accept your praises as I’m certain they will be plentiful and sincere.
    Nancy Torrey

  14. Matt! Congratulations and warmest wishes for your unfolding future. I will miss your smiling face and will do my best to come by the farewell party! Kathie

  15. Matt! Wishing you happiness and success on your new journey. You are an absolute light, always so helpful and happy to be of service, sharing your many skills and extensive information freely. Hard to imagine anyone could replace you, but…if anyone can attract that person, it is Stuart.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the party. Until soon…xo!

  16. I will miss you…There was always a smile on your face, you were always ready to lend a hand and you always seemed OK to re-tell me your name. Now that I have it squared away in my brain* you are leaving!
    Best of luck in LA and if it doesn’t suit you and your new bride please come back.
    All the best…
    Onward, Linda
    * ( After 40+ years of teaching the Rolodex of names gets really squirrely.)

  17. Matt,
    When you first walked in The Flow we saw a kid with a lot of talent and wall of shyness standing in the way of his greatness. As my time with you passed you blossomed… and as the years of your amazing service mounted, so did your skill, patience, intuition and most importantly your confidence.
    Not that my opinion counts for much, but I am proud of what you do and who you have become in the short time that I’ve known you.
    Be well, travel safe, enjoy your beans rice and ramen, and know that The Flow was eternally changed for the better because of you.

  18. hi, matt. it’s been a pleasure working with you on my infrequent forays into fine-arts photography. i so enjoyed your enthusiasm, creative ideas, sense of humor, wide knowledge about cameras, and how to make my photos better. all best wishes as you move to the southland as a newly minted groom. — bernie weiner

  19. Dear Marvelous Matt!
    I am so happy for you and your new adventures… But I will miss your phantasmagoric printing and filmmaking skills so much… YOU ALWAYS MADE ME LOOK SO GOOD! Tony has talented shoes to fill. If there is ever anything I can do for you, after all the wonderful things you have done for me, please please just ask!
    Hope to see you down in LA. I do get down there from time to time and would love to keep in touch…
    Best of luck to you and your madly gorgeous bride!

  20. Thank you for your help: teaching and print making. I’ve enjoyed working with you and appreciated your expertise. Wishing you happiness…and a great new chapter!

  21. Anthony-
    Welcome to Stuart’s gang @ TheFlow: you’ve joined a terrific shop… CONGRATULATIONS! Btw, nice past pedigree re Franz Lanting’s studio…! That must have been interesting and instructive!!

  22. I will miss working with you and most of all your “still water runs deep expertise”! If it were not for your love for the mad scientist, we all would feel such a loss but we are no match for the power of cupid’s arrows! Your happiness is ours as well.
    Congratulations . . . to you and Margaux. Wishing you both continued fortunate discoveries!!!!

  23. Matt,
    What am I going to do without you?!
    Do have a great life in the south land; congrats on your nuptials; you will be missed.
    I had hoped to make it to send you off tonight, but seems like everything is happening all in the same night!
    A toast to you: May you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you ate dead.
    Okay , so I don’t know many toasts. Lol. But no less heartfelt
    My best to you.

  24. Matt! It had just occurred to me that I hadn’t seen you for awhile at Image Flow and found this post. You were always a friendly and so knowledgeable whenever I came in and you will be missed. Congratulations on your new adventure!

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  26. What do I think? I think that’s a darn good essay on the fun and friendliness of Alternative Processes!
    Sign me up for that great Taylor Gum Printing Workshop coming up!
    All the best to everyone at 291 and The Image Flow, till we meet again,
    Brian Taylor

  27. Not only are extra memory cards important space-wise, but when they malfunction (and you know they can (will)), you’ll have a back-up and can deal with they faulty card when you get home. (Personal experience at the Vancouver Olympics on this, with fortunate finding of an open camera shop on the way to the next event and lucky full recovery when I got home).

  28. Another common mistake is to not be familiar enough with your camera to figure out why it has suddenly stopped working the way you have come to expect it to operate. In my personal experience with the new mirrorless cameras this can be caused by inadvertently pushing or turning one of the multi-purpose buttons or dials on the exterior of the camera. You might not even have realized the particular function assigned to that button or dial. The best way to avoid this problem is to use the camera frequently for a month or two before the trip, in all the conditions that are likely to be encountered on the trip, including night time.

  29. Will you be offering any photoshop basics classes this summer on Saturdays? I work full-time.

  30. Hi Gail,
    Please give us a call at 415.388.3569 to put in a request for weekend workshops. There should be some in the works, we can get you on the list first when they happen! Thanks!

  31. Dang…does it have to be for teens only?? :-):-)
    I think you should do one for grown-ups like me.

  32. I would LOVE to do this!
    Are you planning it again?
    What is/was the approximate cost of such a trip (all inclusive)?
    Many thanks!

  33. Film is “a relic of the past?” Really? This, from a Photographic Learning Center? Just for the record there are a few of us who continue to use film, and prosper in doing so. Never before has there been a higher premium in the marketplace for analog photography. There are many galleries that simply will not represent push-button (digital) photographers. In addition, there are photographic art forms that CANNOT be done the way. It may be the digital age, but you should never forget, or diminish the medium that made digital possible!

  34. Thanks for your comment Robert! We are not trying to diss film here… The Image Flow is all about analog photography as well as supporting the alternative processes! We are very proud that this young photographer chooses to shoot film, despite the fact that it began to disappear from the mainstream marketplace before he was born—that’s why we keep our traditional darkroom open and available to the public. Come one, come all!

  35. Hi Carole, See the links just above the comment box. We have two more workshops scheduled for next February. All information is on the workshop pages. Give us a call if you have other questions not answered there. Thanks! See you in Havana!

  36. Ann, give us a call, and we’ll get you signed up officially! 415.388.3569

  37. I really appreciate these types of postings, with inspiring tips for hobbyist photographers. Thank you for posting this and I look forward to more!

  38. Hi there,
    I want to rent a professional photographer for a few hours while on holiday in Havana end of November (to take pictures of me and surroundings). Any recommendation for a local I can contact?
    Thank you,

  39. Absolutely Katy! Sorry, that message was not passed on down our editorial line. Will fix right now.

  40. I strongly agree with Jeff about shooting on the edge of the light as well as turning around and seeing another view of a scene.
    These were good reminders that being flexible and waking up the eye is important.

  41. Great photographs in Cuba and Big Sur…will view others later. Found black/white used when this would be preferred to color.
    Wish I lived in California, would be easier to join you.

  42. Nice exploration Kerik.
    At the moment the only production paper available is the Arches Platine. The Legion and Hahnemuhle are promised soon to be available, I believe.
    Two runs have been made of the new Platine so far. I have worked on both, they are identical.
    Always look for the run # on the packet of paper for the Arches Platine, if it is a lower number than
    # 59880 it is the original Platine not the latest one.
    The DMAX on the Platine with a single coating (mix of Palladium and Platinum+Na2 ) can measure as high as 1.5 on my reflection densitometer.
    The wonderful aspect of the 145gram new Platine is that it has incredible wet strength. The surface is a little smoother than the 310 gram. It should also be a lower price per sheet.
    Only time will tell which paper company can consistently make run after run of paper.


  44. I love the glass neg pieces you found: I just sent you an email asking HOW’d done the work; now I know (they’re ‘found’ negs…

  45. Great photography series! It shows, the best work is created by your own voice.

  46. I love these images by Scott Orazem. The patterns and textures are beautifully captured. Definitely a must see exhibit on my list.

  47. Stuart…
    I can personally say that your portfolio coaching is right on target.
    Thanks for your guidance and printing help for my portfolio review at FotoFest 2016.
    I’m not as famous as Diane Arbus YET… but well on my way… LOL…. TBow

  48. Good article. Tell me more about the intermediate classes. Would I qualify with just Photo Essentials?
    Also, when will the next Language of Light class be after the September class. Still need to take it.

  49. I am an amateur photographer and just found your site. I had been checking other photo tours in Cuba and was wondering why is your workshop only 6 days since two days are really wasted during the travels specially when the cost is over 7 grand.
    Also I want to do real street photography but some of the images I see on your site looks too set up, a good example is the two ballerinas sitting at that home. I want to learn how to shoot real people in a very spontaneous way and I know that I will never go to a foreign place and find good looking women or ballerinas in such a beautiful setting just waiting for my arrival.
    So how can you convince me that I won’t be shooting perfectly staged situations. I want to take photos of the real moment the way is happening.
    Finally, I love shooting film, both color and b&w, will that be any problem at all? I don’t mind waiting until I return to the USA to have my film process. Thanks!! G

  50. Hi G,
    This blog post was about our first workshop in Cuba in 2015. Street photography was one element of the workshop, and another was getting inside private homes and spaces to shoot subjects that aren’t possible without an invitation. In our 2016 workshops, we combined street photography with a studio lighting session working with bodybuilders and muscle cars, and a road trip to a tobacco plantation. We’ll soon be announcing a new workshop for 2017 titled “The Ultimate Road Trip”—again, this workshop will combine a variety of types of photography and allow you access to places you wouldn’t have access to in another workshop or on your own. Stay tuned for details, or give us a call for more information. We’d love to have you join us!
    —The Image Flow team

  51. Superb maps and a great idea for digital archiving!
    (I particularly like the map of the QUEEN!!!!!